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AFR Performance Valve Springs for Domestic V8s

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We are blowing them out so you can blow up the competition.

We have been collecting valve spring kits from both AFR and TFS for years. We use these for machined castings for the various Mamo Motorsports products because they originate from PAC Racing in Michigan, and they are highly reliable. These are not the typical offshore knockoffs that we think are simply dangerous to use.

Through years of testing and use, we know that the durability of ALL of these springs is excellent. Over the 15-year span I spent at AFR, I can count on one hand how many broken 8019 AFR springs we encountered, and we shipped over 50,000 of them in that timeframe. When you consider that every set of heads gets 16 springs, the total number of springs sold gets large quickly when you move as many cylinder heads as AFR does.

Spring pressures on the 8019 AFR and the TFS HD springs are very close to one another. However, the lighter rate AFR 8017 spring kit is excellent for milder builds and/or builds running the OEM rockers

We are selling these as complete kits, so if you only need the springs themselves, or if you need something "a la carte" that you want us to build for you, please contact Mamo Motorsports directly for lower pricing on partial kits.

AFR 8017 Springs Specs (Ideal for milder camshafts and/or OEM rockers):

  • 147 lbs @ 1.800
  • 375 lbs @ 1.200 (.600 lift)
  • Spring rate 380 lbs per inch
  • Coilbind 1.060
  • Max recommended lift .640

AFR 8019 Springs Specs:

  • 161 lbs @ 1.800
  • 441 lbs @ 1.200 (.600 lift)
  • Spring rate 467 lbs per inch
  • Coilbind 1.080
  • Max recommended lift .660

AFR Springs Pricing

Both AFR 8017 and 8019 spring kits include titanium retainers, machined 7' locks, OD-style black oxide spring cups and (16) Viton valve seals. We are selling the complete package for $375.....that's close to 40% off for brand new hardware and a quality spring made by PAC Racing! Many companies sell this kit for around $610.

Whether you have springs that need replacing in your current AFR or TFS product, or if you are looking for springs for a different head, we can help. If you have a different head (like a PRC or a factory OEM casting) we just need to know the diameter of the base of the valve guide so we can select the correct spring locator.

These springs are interchangeable with pretty much anything! The only difference is the size of the guide boss, which is typically either .500 or .565 in diameter:

OEM heads almost always have a .500 guide boss.

AFR always have a .565 guide boss.

TFS heads can have either a .500 or .565 guide boss. This is easy to measure with a dial caliper and if you call us we can assist.
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