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Mamo-Ported MSD Intake Manifolds

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A larger, free-flowing intake manifold can deliver increased performance, but if you want to extract every ounce of torque and power from your V8, then you want a Mamo Motorsports-ported MSD Chevy/GM LS3 or Cathedral intake manifold! Like the product name says, these are MSD Intake Manifolds - only they have been #mamofied to deliver optimum flow for maximum torque and horsepower.

Mamo-ported MSD intake manifolds are available in 103mm inlet diameters for Chevy/GM LS7, LT1 and Cathedral applications.

KEEP IT UNDER WRAPS! Mamo Motorsports STEALTH MSD Ported Intake Manifolds

Keep the competition guessing! Mamo-ported STEALTH intake manifolds look OEM on the outside, but inside they have been #mamofied for optimum flow. We remove all of the badging and logos, and refinish the exterior with a clean, textured matte black finish.

This feature is available for ANY Mamo-ported FAST or MSD intake (visit the Mamo-Ported MSD Intake Manifolds page for more info). Please use the drop down menu to select your style and to choose the STEALTH finish!

Mamo Motorsports STEALTH MSD 102mm Ported Intake Manifold top

Mamo Motorsports STEALTH MSD 102mm Ported Intake Manifold
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