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Throttle Body LT1 * V2

Product Details

Ported OEM 87mm Throttle Body V2
100 CFM Over the Original V1 Design

6.2 liter Naturally aspirated Chevy C7 Corvettes 2014 to present
6.2 liter Naturally aspirated Chevy Camaro 6th Gen 2015 to present
Some 6.2 liter truck applications or email to confirm prior to purchase

Direct bolt on "plug and play" solution that does not require tuning or PCM calibration work to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Removal of the dreaded off-idle flat spot (very noticeable in manual trans cars and still present in automatics as well)
  • Much more throttle response at every throttle position but notably better in the lower throttle are you spend most of your time driving
  • The throttle is much more linear now and more intuitive.....tip in throttle as you roll into it is also much sharper
  • Increased HP and increased TQ across the board (7-10 RWTQ and 8-10 RWHP)

30 day performance guarantee....full refund if you not completely satisfied with this product. Many have called this mod "a game changer" and the "best bang for the buck upgrade" because it is.

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