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LS7 Tall-Guide 10% Underdrive Dampener Pulley

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Brand: Mamo Motorsports ATi LS7 10% Tall-Guide Underdrive Pulley

A simple, safe and effective way to free up horsepower and extend the life of your accessories is by adding an underdrive dampener pulley, especially in engines that see consistently higher RPMs. For several years, we have sold the ATi 10% underdrive LS7 Dampener, until we discovered an opportunity to deliver what we believe is a better product. We are very excited to announce the release of the Mamo Motorsports LS7 10% U/D Tall-Guide Dampener – only available through Mamo Motorsports!

When you compare the standard ATI piece to the Mamo Motorsports-designed pulley (using the height of the OEM pulley as a belt guide target), you can see how the taller guide practically eliminates any belt tossing issues.

In the pictures, it becomes clear that with the taller belt guide on the Mamo LS7 U/D Pulley, the top of the belt is even with the top of the guide. With the original ATI dampener, most of the belt sticks above the actual dampener, with very little guide material to provide any lateral support.

The belt sits slightly proud of the belt guide on the ATi unit.

With the Mamo Motorsports LS7 Underdrive Tall-Guide Dampener, slight misalignments, belt flex, harmonics, or practically anything else that might cause a belt to jump is going to be corralled by a much taller (and much more functional) true "belt guide". With Mamo Motorsports’ LS7 10% U/D pulley, you don't have to worry about being one of the "unlucky" ones that might have an issue.

On the Mamo Motorsports LS7 Underdrive Pulley, the belt is flush with and securely contained within the pulley's guide walls, virtually eliminating any chance of a tossed belt.

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