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Custom Throttle Body, Intake, Cylinder Head, Blower & Oil Pump Porting

Mamo Motorsports offers new custom ported LS and other Chevy SB/BBC intake manifolds, throttle bodies, superchargers, cylinder heads and oil pumps, and provides custom porting for user supplied intake manifolds. Please contact us by phone or email for more info!

Rotating Assemblies & Misc. Engine Components Machining / Balancing

Mamo Motorsports provides custom machining and balancing of engine rotating assemblies to ensure maximum strength, minimum weight and perfect balance. 

Custom Camshafts & Valvetrain Components

Optimize the flow of your #Mamofied LS or Chevy Big Block/Small Block cylinder head and intake with a custom-grind camshaft and hand-selected valvetrain components to ensure the best reliability and performance.

Flow Testing / R&D Services / Engine Building

Have a product that you want validated or tested? Mamo Motorsports can perform independent flow testing and private-label product R&D, including full engine builds.

Complete Cylinder Heads

Mamo has a complete line of clean-sheet design cylinder heads for every Chevy LS, Big Block and Small Block engine. If you want the best breathing cylinder heads, get them #Momofied!

Specialty Clutches & Torque Converters

Mamo Motorsports race prep includes custom clutch development and torque converter development for Auto Trans vehicles for getting maximum power to the ground.

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