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Composite Intake Manifold SALE (Group Purchase)


I was approached some time ago by an LS enthusiast on one of the popular FBody forums on FaceBook about my willingness to consider a group purchase. Seeing as I have very little exposure there I thought about it and decided sure....why not.....volume always dictates price discounts in this industry (and most others) anyway. While I was considering all of this it became pretty apparent to me that it wouldn't be right for me not to offer the same opportunity to the guys on the forums I do spend time posting on (Corvette forum, LS1Tech, etc.) without offering them the same opportunity hence the reason I'm posting this sale / group purchase right now here as well. It will be open for exactly two weeks and I will be taking deposits from Monday Feb 18th till Sunday night (midnight) on March 3rd....exactly two weeks.

I will offer the following discounts on ALL my ported composite intake manifolds (FAST, MSD, etc.)....cathedral style, LS3, LS7....Truck or car.....any of the LS products made be MSD or FAST.

Discount for total number of units sold from 10 -19 manifolds....$150 off 

Discount for total number of units sold from 20 - 29 manifolds....$175 off

Discount for total number of units sold 30 or more total units sold....$200 off 

If for some reason we don't get ten confirmed orders (a $500 deposit confirming each order) by midnight the 3rd of March (which is unlikely IMO), I will still offer a $75 savings for all who signed up.

I will accept credit cards, debit cards, money orders and paypal but paypal adds 1.5% to your total which is me splitting the fees with you

Best way to get the ball rolling is to contact me directly via email (preferred) or PM so we can discuss final pricing including freight/insurance (figure $50 freight/insurance.....large box with a high insured value).

For example, a FAST 102 cathedral normally $1495 plus freight is now $1345 even on the first tier discount (10+) which is a sizable savings....a ported LS7 MSD normally $1595 is now $ get the idea.

So once again, just to confirm....ALL of my ported composite FAST and MSD intakes are on sale for a two week period during this group purchase

The final discount which will be determined by the number of confirmed deposits at the close of the two week offering which will reduce my current 2019 prices listed below (includes the new intake and the porting labor)

FAST cathedral, FAST LS3 (Std and mid-length runner) $1495 (Sale price $1345 with 10 or more confirmed....$1320 with twenty or more....$1295 with thirty or more) FAST LSXRT Truck intake $1595 (Sale price $1445 with 10 or more confirmed....$1420 with twenty or more....$1395 with thirty or more)

MSD LS7 $1595 (Sale price $1445 with 10 or more confirmed....$1420 with twenty or more....$1395 with thirty or more)
MSD Cathedral & MSD LT1 $1695 (Sale price $1545 with 10 or more confirmed....$1520 with twenty or more....$1495 with thirty or more)

I should also mention that seeing as your purchase directly effects the pricing of many others involved, the $500 dollar deposit is non refundable so make sure your fully committed to the purchase before sending that to me. The balance will be due just before I ship and send you tracking info and manifolds will start shipping out the door on a first come first serve type of situation.....meaning the guys that jumped on board early will be seeing the manifolds sooner than the guys that gave me a deposit say the last two days of the sale. That's the only fair way to handle the distribution. If alot of people sign up for this it could take 4-6 weeks to ship the last of the orders but the guys that got in early will likely see their intakes shipping the 2nd to 3rd week in March shortly after the GP closes.

I'm sure there will be added questions along the way which I will field as they come up but if you have been considering a "Mamofied" intake to add to your engine to bump the output a good bit, this is simply a great opportunity to grab one a either a good or very good discount based on the success of the GP. If your friends are interested let them know as well....its open to everyone essentially.....I would just like a quick one or two sentence response concerning how you heard about it when you send me your deposit (Face Book, get the idea)


PS.....If you email or PM me please allow a 24 hour window for me to get back to you....I still need to be involved in the day to day tasks of running the business and it may take me some time to get back to you especially if there seems to be alot of interest but Im pretty good at getting back to folks as people who have previously dealt with me already know.


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