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Mamo No-Slip Tall-Guide LS7 Dampener Available Now!

You work hard to build that #LS, don’t let a belt slip ruin things.

Mamo Motorsports created an LS7 Underdrive Dampener with a Tall Guide edge for A/C belt. In addition to practically eliminating any chance of belt slippage, a 10% U/D frees up horsepower, and can extend the life of your accessories, especially if you like to keep the revs in the upper range of the tach. The Mamo Motorsports-designed No-Slip Tall-Guide LS7 Dampener is made by ATi, but is only available through Mamo Motorsports!

Over the last 6 years, we have sold about 75 of ATi’s 10% U/D Dampener units to our LS7 customers. We found out that one of our customers had experienced A/C belt slippage, and after further investigation discovered that another customer had similar issues. Without knowing for certain, we attributed it to some sort of a belt misalignment issue, but really compounding this was the fact that the actual belt guide on the 10% U/D unit was much shorter than OEM, and shorter than the standard drive ATI pulley (the P/N without the reduced main drive ratio). Slight misalignments, belt flex and harmonics can all lead toi belt slippage. In some cases, the A/C belt coming off can take out the main drive belt, which will cause much larger issues (no water pump flowing, creating overheating, or no power steering, etc.). ANYTHING that might cause a belt to jump is going to be corralled by a much taller (and much more functional) true "belt guide". After becoming aware of the problem, we contacted ATI about machining a new design with a custom Mamo Motorsports part number, and a much taller A/C belt guide. Naturally, this required our willingness to order a much larger quantity to make them affordable. When you compare the standard ATI piece to the custom Mamo No-Slip Tall-Guide LS7 Dampener (using the height of the OEM pulley as our belt guide target) you can easily see how the taller guide eliminates any of these belt tossing issues.

You can clearly see in the pictures below that with the taller belt guide the top of the belt is even with the top of the guide, where with the original ATI part most of the belt sticks above the actual dampener with very little to give it any lateral support.

ATi LS7 Underdrive Dampener, above.

Mamo No-Slip Tall-Guide LS7 Dampener, above

We really feel reducing some of the accessory speeds with the 10% U/D unit is smart. Besides freeing up a little power, it also extends the life of the accessories as well, especially in engines that see higher RPMs frequently. Now, you don't have to worry about being one of the "unlucky" ones that might have an issue when you add an underdrive dampener to your LS7, if you add the Mamo No-Slip Tall-Guide LS7 Dampener. While the percentage of people that experienced problems was very small, I didn't want to have to worry about it in my Z06, and I don’t want any of my clients to worry about it, either. We are currently selling these for $625.....about $100 over the cost of the standard ATI with the much shorter guide height. However, one inconvenient belt tossed on the road or at the track would easily make that cost difference very justifiable, and even pay for itself.

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